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Build Your Image Library for Digital Marketing

When you build a library of project images, you can really get creative with visual content to support your digital marketing efforts. Capturing your project at different phases allows you to reinforce your firm’s brand, stay in front of your pursuits, and reinforce the client’s continued interest in working with you. Digital marketing efforts tend to require a volume of images to effectively engage desired audiences. These images require a professional eye but hiring someone else to capture the projects various phases could be costly. 

Douglas Sterling provides a photography services package to effectively support your digital marketing efforts.

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Here is how it works. You’ll send Douglas Sterling an email, which will include the project name, site supervisor, and required date/time and project location. You may also want to indicate any special requirements or views you’ll need at this particular project phase. Once a routine is in place, it will become easy for you to get the images you want for your reoccurring digital marketing activities.

A multiple location day rate throughout the Bay Area is $50 per hour plus mileage and travel expenses. Each site visit will be less than 30 minutes. 

You will receive 10-15 final images per site that are exposure and color balanced corrected. Images will be provided in .jpg or .png files. A .png file format which will allow you to overlay an icon or image on any background. The image size you will receive will be formatted at 1200x630 pixels. Higher resolution images are available at an additional fee. The images will be bright and look great whatever your website, blog, or social media marketing activity.

Monthly retainer options are also available. 

I am your digital marketing solution for photography!