Selecting a photographer that can meet your needs is essential. You will find I have depth of knowledge when it comes to photographing a range of project types It is equally important to discern whether my work is compatible with your style.  The following briefly describes how I will work with you to capture your project.  


Together, we plan for the photography assignment by discovering your specific requirements.  More specifically, we identify the distinct project elements that speak to your design style or level of craftsmanship.  Some initial questions to consider include:

  • Are there specific architectural elements, methods of craftsmanship or other unique features?  
  • Are there areas you’d like to play up your skill set, and vision?
  • How would you like to illustrate your work?

How do you plan to use these images?

  • Will you show prospective clients via proposal, qualifications statement or other in-house print generated media?
  • Will you show audiences via digital marketing methods including your website, email, social media or social advertising methods?
  • Will you use these images for ads in major trade publications?
  • Will you include these images competitions?

Group Photography Option

All project stakeholders need photography. These stakeholders include the owner, architects, general contractors, subcontractors, consultants, product suppliers, etc.  Some of the team members may be interested in participating with these discussions and sharing the expense.  If so, I will need to coordinate with each party as well as identify their specific needs and priorities. It is will be important to identify which costs will be shared and which are not.  

Estimate for Photographic Assignment

In the estimate for photographic assignment, I define the scope of work, i.e. a detailed description reaffirming our discovery discussions. The estimate includes three key components 

  1. Assignment description; 
  2. Licensing and rights granted, and; 
  3. Pricing.  

The assignment description includes the name and location, a list of deliverables, and timeframe for completing each assignment.  

Licensing information is based upon the answers to these three questions 

  1. Who will use the images? 
  2. How and where the images appear? 
  3. Clients will use images indefinitely to meet competitors terms.

You will find the three categories in my pricing structure:

  1. Production Fee: Time and skill to complete the assignment.
  2. License Fee: The value of the authorized uses for the images.
  3. Expenses: travel, assistants(if required), special equipment, prop rentals, special insurance, location access fees, etc.

Ultimately, the estimate is meant to serve your promotional planning needs and help you meet your own business and marketing objectives.

Creating images that move you forward!